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        My name is Larry Sudarkis and my first memories are of the basement. That was my entire world since before I can remember. My mother and father always told me I had to stay down there for my own safety. But I knew that wasn't true. I wasn't locked in that cold, cement-walled room because I was in danger. I was down there because they were afraid of me. They tried to hide their fear, but I could smell it on their skin. The saddest part is they could never bring themselves to tell me they were afraid -- not even the night I drank the life from their warm, lying bodies.

Chuck Lorre

        Pa n'Ma says me Larry and lives me in basementroom since I was floor crawlin. Pa n'Ma says it safest for me in basementroom. But I knowed Pa n'Ma fraid Larry. I knowed cuz skin smell wuz powerfill fear. Sad wuz Pa n'Ma not truthed me bout fearin Larry. Not even nite I dranked up all Pa n'Ma's warmy blood.

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1st Aired: 27 Sept 2004