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It's strange. Whenever I think about Two and a Half Men these days, the immediate image that springs to mind is of that Chinese tank facing off against the little guy in Tiananmen Square. Stranger still, I'm not sure if the show is symbolized by the brave unarmed soul willing to sacrifice himself for freedom, or the deadly mechanical juggernaut crushing whatever stands in the way of a repressive state. The reason I bring it up is because tonight's episode, our two hundredth, has put me in a reflective mood. In nine years I've watched many shows come and go. Hell, I watched our own show come and go. And yet we are still standing. So maybe in that sense Two and a Half Men is the little guy in my mental metaphor. Of course, when I look back, I can see quite a few squished people who tried to stop our forward progress, so maybe we're the tank.

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1st Aired: 7 May 2012