Thank you for watching. We don't take your support for granted. We know it must be earned. Your time and attention have real, quantifiable value. That means when you choose to give them to us, we, in turn, must return something to you of equal or greater value. And what is that something? Well, if we were making a drama, your time and attention would likely be repaid with excitement, suspense and perhaps some insight into the human condition. If we were in the cable news business, the fair exchange would be with information about current events plus the steady drip of adrenaline caused by fear and anger. Were we making pornography, the transaction would involve sexual arousal and an opportunity to interact with the program. But we make comedy, so our only hope of repaying you for your time and attention is with laughter. We are constantly aware that if you are not provided with a reasonable amount of mirth, we have not fulfilled our side of the bargain and you will, in all likelihood, take your business elsewhere. See you in the fall (or later, who knows at this point). Enjoy the summer reruns, which, lacking the element of surprise, offer thirty percent less mirth. Feel free to watch them half-heartedly.

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1st Aired: 19 May 2014