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The Prophet
Chuck Gibran

And then a man stepped from the group of villagers and asked the Prophet, “In these troubled times, what should we be most wary of?”

The Prophet said, “Beware the opportune tragedy. The Reichstag. The Gulf of Tonkin. The Archduke. For this will surely portend the end of your freedom, as well as the Bill Maher show. Now that I think of it, Oliver and Bee are also toast.”

Then a young woman approached the Prophet. She looked up at his not-half-bad-looking-for-a-man-his-age face and asked, “Why do men seek to possess and control my body?”

To this the Prophet said, “Men covet the divine. And what is more transcendent than the power to create life. To have power over a woman’s body is their misguided attempt to have power over god. To be god. With this in mind, keep an eye out for the man who builds golden temples so people may worship him. Having a Canadian passport is also not a bad idea.”

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1st Aired: 16 Feb 2017