a synopsis for a TV dramedy

Premise: Lackeys is a lighthearted update on the Faustian bargain. In each episode we follow the adventures of five people who have surrendered their dignity and integrity -- their souls, if you will -- in exchange for power and prestige. This dark deal causes them to have split personalities. In public they are proud, strong and sophisticated. But behind closed doors, when they're near the "source" of their power, they grovel like a labradoodle who just took a dump on the brand new living room carpet and knows he's in big trouble.

The characters:

ROUND MIKE: So named to avoid confusion with Long Mike, Round Mike has spent his life in public service and has generally shown strength of character and principled discernment. For this reason his former associates are puzzled by his eagerness to be "buns up kneelin'" while a life-long criminal stands behind him "wheelin' and dealin'."* Some speculate that he unconsciously craves a strong father becuase his real dad was a tapeworm. Others insist his spinelessness is simply the result of extortion. (There have long been rumors of a video showing him dancing on a mirror in order to "check out" his junk.)

LONG MIKE: As with Round Mike, a sobriquet to avoid confusion in the war room. Long Mike is a conniving, venal guy who is constantly climbing over both friends and foes to achieve his secret dream -- world domination. There is nothing he won't do to accomplish hi evil ends -- except have dinner with Margaret Atwood.

CRYPT KEEPER KELLY: So named becuase that's the vibe she gives off. Like Long Mike, CKK will do or say anything to stay in the slimelight. And she's tough as nails. She can withstand and kind of criticism. She's not even bothered when her husband kisses her and throws up in his mouth.

LINDSEY LOVELAVE: A southern gentleman who acquired the Lovelace name because... well, you know why.

RUDOLF THE BROWN-NOSED LAWYER: Like Round Mike, Rudolf was once a stand-up guy. But somewhere along the way, he was driven mad by fame, money and a deep need to be pretty.

*Dinah-Moe Humm" by Frank Zappa


1st Aired: 10 October 2019