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There was a joke in tonight's episode that was cut because the CBS censors felt it was offensive to Koreans. The joke involved Charlie telling his fiance that one way to get rid of her cat was to "slap some soy sauce on it and drop it off in Koreatown." When I complained that there is ample evidence that cats and dogs are eaten in Korea, I was told yes, there is, but that's not the point. The point is when material like this has aired on CBS in the past, angry Korean Americans, no doubt sensitive about their culinary image, held angry meetings with network executives which made the network executives unhappy. That's it. That's why the joke was cut. No one at CBS wanted to go to another angry meeting that would make them unhappy. Now please understand, I'm not bringing this up because I'm upset about our show being censored. I'm way past that. Waste of time and energy. No, I just wanted my vanity card readers to know that they can influence the content of CBS, or any of the major networks, by simply making the appropriate executives unhappy. It's simple: flood the network with angry form letters and/or emails, demand a meeting, threaten a boycott of their advertisers, then have fun making the creative choices that best suit your tastes. But be careful. You will inevitably make someone angry, and they will damn sure make you unhappy. Which makes me happy.

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