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Dear (Name Omitted by Network Censor),
Please know that I am committed to making season eight of Two and a Half Men as easy for you as possible. I have vowed to eliminate all the penis jokes, vagina jokes, boob jokes, ass jokes, orgasm jokes, masturbation jokes, oral sex jokes, prison sex jokes, insertion jokes, pee jokes, poop jokes, booger jokes, puke jokes, fart jokes and ethnic jokes that have caused you and your colleagues at broadcast standards so much distress. Going forward, I sincerely hope this letter helps you to put aside any worries you might have about the creative direction of the show.

Your faithful servant,
Chuck Lorre

P.S. Look forward to hearing your comments regarding tonight's episode which dealt with Jake having a menage a trois while Charlie drinks himself to death and Alan gets caught banging Jake's best friend's drug-addled mom..

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1st Aired: 24 May 2010