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Divine Intervention

(Part One)

Night. The woods. A young guy, name of Richie, maybe thirty years old, running for his life. Chased by two bad men with guns. The chase leads out of the woods and into a backyard. Richie hides in a small tool shed. He is terrified, bewildered, trapped. Truly screwed. He looks up and says, "God, if you'll get me out of this, I promise I'll never steal drugs from drug dealers ever again. I'll never steal from anybody. I'll never lie again. I'll never cheat. I'll never bang a strange woman who may be underage... and the daughter of a drug dealer. Please God, just this one time, help me out of this jam and I will forever be your guy." A gentle voice in the darkness says, "Okay." Startled, Richie says, "What? Who's there?" The voice again, "Okay." We hear his pursuers outside. They've reached the backyard. They're getting closer. Richie asks again, "Hello? Who said that?" He looks around in the tiny shed. No one there but him. Bad guys get closer. They're in the backyard. Richie is frantic. He drops to his knees, clasps his hands together and whispers, "No no. Wait. I believe. I'll live up to the deal. I'll turn my life over to you, oh Lord um God, just please get me out of this!" One of the bad guys shouts, "The shed, he's in the shed!" The other bad guy shouts, "No wait!" Bursts of gunfire from opposite directions rip through the shed just above Richie's head. Silence. More silence. More. (Continued after "TWO AND A HALF MEN")

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1st Aired: 18 Oct 2012