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Divine Intervention

(Part Two - Continued from "The Big Bang Theory")

Richie slowly opens the door a crack. Sees nothing. Opens it a bit more. He hears a groan coming from his right. On hands and knees, Richie crawls out of the shed to his left, finds one of the bad guys dead of gunshot wounds. How'd that happen? He crawls in the opposite direction and stumbles on the other bad guy. This is the groaner, dying from gunshot wounds, drowning in his own blood. The two idiots managed to shoot each other. The dying man sees Richie and tries to grab for his dropped weapon. Richie removes it from his reach and prepares to shoot him but... he can't do it. Not easy to pull the trigger on another human being when you just heard the voice of God -- and that God saved your ass. Richie lowers the gun and says to the man, "Okay, well, good news, there is a God. I know 'cause I just spoke with him." The guy stares at him, helpless, incredulous. Richie continues, "I asked him to help me out, he said okay, and voila, you and your partner shoot each other instead of me. I mean, it's weird that God helped me and not you. Maybe if you prayed for help killing me. I don't know. I hope it doesn't work that way. The point is you're gonna die, but hey, you're gonna meet God -- who may or may not be glad to meet you 'cause, you know, you're a bad guy. Oh sure, I'm a bad guy too, but apparently there's a sliding scale, grade on a curve kinda thing, or maybe I just have some kind of upside potential and you obviously do not." The man coughs up blood and dies. Richie quickly says, "Okay, say hi to God for me. Tell him I said thanks."

Richie runs off a changed man, no longer a dope-dealing hustler, a common thief. For the rest of his life he will dedicate himself to spreading the word: a loving God not only exists, he answers our prayers. We stay in the backyard and pan to an open upstairs window of the house. There's a bird cage hanging there. In the cage is a parrot. The parrot says, "Okay."

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1st Aired: 18 Oct 2012