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In the past, this is where I'd normally post my silly holiday greeting vanity card.  Not this year.  No, this year I have achieved a state of exhaustion that I've never known before.  This year I have managed to completely burn myself out.  The phrase "words fail me" has suddenly become deeply and frighteningly meaningful. If the part of the dying Tinker Bell in Peter Pan was played by a middle-aged, Jewish sitcom writer, you'd have an accurate picture of where I'm at right now.  My light is dimming. I am a husk.  A husk of a hack.  There's nothing left to say. Farewell.  Tell my children I love them.

Dammit. I just remembered I have to stick around 'til January. I'm really curious to see if "The Big Bang Theory" wins a Golden Globe. I already know about the People's Choice.

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1st Aired: 16 Dec 2013