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To Whom It May Concern: If you were troubled that a Ramones cover song from 1993 was on the radio in the comic book store even though the show is set in 1989, I understand. Normally we would never do something like that, but the truth is I got excited by the lyrics “Someone told me long ago, there’s a calm before the storm” and how they foreshadowed the tornado. I also liked the rebellious tone the Ramones set in a store that Mary felt was inappropriate for Sheldon.

To help rationalize this musical anachronism, I asked our show’s science consultant, Dr. David Saltzberg, for help. I learned that in Richard Feynman’s PhD thesis, he had a theory of “Advanced Potentials” which stated radio waves could travel the wrong direction in time. As far as why this particular radio can receive them, I’ve decided it was due to a freak accident in 1985 involving a spilled can of New Coke during a thunderstorm at a screening of Back to the Future.

I hope that now knowing science and a cool origin story are involved, your mind will be set at ease.


Steve Molaro

P.S. If you’re also wondering how a Joey Ramone cover from 2002 got in at the end, I don’t know… he’s from Queens and so am I — what do you want from me?

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1st Aired: 12 Apr 2018